Finding a safe place to talk about your problems can be hard.We offer several services to me our clients needs. We service Adolescents, Adults and Couples ranging from 16-65 years of age. We create tailored plans to me each clients needs invidiviually. At Better You Counseling , you can look forward to becoming a better you.

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Womens Issues

I specialize in helping women overcome and resolve issues related but not limited to birthing trauma, post-partum depression, domestic violence and glass ceiling in the work place.


I work with the LGBTQIA community in understanding gender identity, sexual orientation, and microagressions through the use of Affirmative therapy. I believe we should all be accepted in our beleifs.

Suicidal Ideation

I work with those experiencing suicidal thoughts and ideation to create a healthy way of seeing life and safety. While implementing a safety plan to combat suicide.


I specialize in assisting those with Obsessive compulsive disorder, Generalized anxiety disorder, and Post traumatic stress disorder. Through coping skills that assist with daily functioning.



I help couples navigate the origin of infidelity and the root cause associated with stepping outside the relationship.

Communication Issues

Are you struggling to understand your partner? I help couples create a path forward with healthy communication through non-violent communication.


I help couples gain there intimacy back in relationships that are suffering. By creating a love language that is fit for the bedroom and beyond.


I help individuals within the relationship create healthy and sustainable boundaries. Through assertive  reinforcement of ones needs. 


Acceptance Issues

I work with families in helping each individual feel accepted holistically within the family context.

Blended Families

I work with blended families in navigating challeneges associated with divorce, separation and marriage. By creating an environment conducive to growth.


I work with families who are on the cusp of divorce or already experiencing divorce, and separation of parents.


I work  with parents trying to gain a better understanding of how to assist their child and parent from a place of love.

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